Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon

Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon

UK’s leading timber frame construction specialists. We have designed and manufactured Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon for a wide variety of sectors including self-build, private and affordable housing, education, care homes and student accommodation.

People are exploring natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly home options more than ever before. The conventional stick frame house of today is typically built quickly and cheaply, with little regard to energy efficiency, durability, beauty, or ecological design.Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon However, the timber frame house, with its long and proven history, is an excellent alternative to the typical house of modern times. Using large posts and beams with wood joinery and wood pegs (that means no screws, nails, or metal fasteners), they emphasize durability, strength, energy efficiency, and beautiful design.

Timber Frame Houses are Economical

A timber frame is naturally more economical than a stick frame house. There is less wood waste in the production of the necessary elements — large posts, beams, etc. Similarly, large posts and beams take greater advantage of the natural strength of a tree, as opposed to much smaller dimensional limber.Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon Not only that, but it is uncommon that large timbers are shipped over long distances due to their sheer size and weight — timber frame construction actually encourages (and nearly demands) the use of local resources.

Durability and Strength

Because timber framing uses large posts and beams, the wood members have a much longer life span than the 2x4s of a typical home — in fact, there are buildings that are hundreds of years old. Some say timber frames get stronger over time as the wood dries and hardens.

Additionally, they are more resistant to the effects of earthquakes, strong winds, and heavy snow loads, and have much lower rates of replacement.Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon If that wasn’t enough, heavy timber construction is significantly more fire-resistant than other types of construction. The benefits are enjoyed by generations of families.

Eco-Friendly and Beautiful DesignTimber Framed Houses Devon

Timber frame homes are much more conducive to implementing high levels of insulation, as they allow for much more uninterrupted space between vertical members to wrap or fill with various types of insulation, including straw bales, one of the favored natural insulation materials.Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon On the other hand, stick frames have many vertical members spaced closely together that break up wall space and make it challenging to fill with insulative material, or worse, do not actually provide a full wrap of insulation. And of course, adequate insulation is one of the essentials keys to an energy efficient home.

With their exposed wood, creative joinery, and the countless possibilities for artistic embellishments, timber frame houses are very beautiful and offer builders a chance to demonstrate their craft.

Learn Timber Frame Construction

If you want to get some hands-on experience learning how to build an efficient, durable, eco-friendly home, there are several schools which offer classes to the budding builder, with little or no experience with construction.Timber Framed Houses Great Torrington‎ Devon Check out this comprehensive timber frame workshop for one example, which is located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeast Missouri. You can learn how to build a traditional home and help carry these skills into the future, and have a home that lasts your family for generations.